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“I love that this project exists. Carolyn’s writing is intense, immediate, haunting—I’m not sure I breathe while I read these pieces.”

Nina Stössinger: designer, typographer

“Such visceral and raw prose. I haven’t had text stir me like that in a long time. Seriously, tell me when are you going to write a novel? ”

Josh Brewer: designer, entrepreneur

“There’s another space, the space I’m in when I read what you wrote in between your ‘space.’ I move between viewer, reader, and author fluidly. It’s a myth that there is a firm distinction between these roles. It’s as if a business person were to say to a would-be customer, “No, you got it all wrong, that’s not how I want you to feel about the product.” We’d all laugh at that sentiment, but an artist can tell us what we ought to feel about their work? I don’t think so. This is why I love In The Space Between. It respects the reality that we are all always receiving and creating, reading and authoring, listening and editing.”

Matthew Smith: designer, art director

“This is brilliance. Carolyn Wood pushes me, and I love it. How did she make these choices: the project, the process, the page that declares it is experimental and may disappear? Her work here is right at the core of contemporary arts, at their blurry intersection with technology. Fervent moments suddenly frozen. I can’t wait for the next piece. IT IS SICK. ”

Larry Mayorga: graphic designer, creative director, artist

“I am interested in the space that moves along with me, or that I move with me; the space I try to move with me because I want to, because it is important to me; or the space I have to move with me because I am forced to; or the space that just tags along with me without my being conscious of it–the space that I create for myself and the space that is imposed on me; the space in/through which I feel good, protected, comfortable, liberated, and the space that is imposed on me and therefore oppresses, confines, and alienates me. I explore the personal space as the combination of tension between these two force fields, and how the boundaries of the personal space are drawn.”